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International Nuclear Law Association (INLA) zu Brüssel e. V."
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The 15th German INLA conference took place on 28 and 29 September 2017 in Bonn.
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The German members of the “Association Internationale du Droit Nucléaire (AIDN) / International Nuclear Law Association (INLA)”
in 1984 established a German Branch of AIDN/INLA the full name of which is “Deutsche Landesgruppe in der Association Internationale
du Droit Nucléaire (AIDN) / International Nuclear Law Association (INLA) zu Brüssel e. V.”, in short “Deutsche Landesgruppe
der AIDN/INLA”. The German Branch is a registered non-profit organisation with legal personality under German law.

AIDN/INLA was founded in 1972. It is a worldwide private organisation of lawyers who, in their respective professional activities,
deal with the legal issues connected with the use of nuclear energy and ionising radiation. AIDN/INLA is neither an association
promoting nuclear energy nor is it opposed to the use of nuclear energy. It is a learned society and a forum for the exchange of
information and for the discussion of nuclear law questions at international level.
The legal seat of AIDN/INLA is Brussels. Homepage:

According to its Statutes, the objectives of the German Branch are the promotion of scientific research in the field of national and
international nuclear energy and radiation protection law including related fields of law. Main instrument to achieve these objectives
is the organisation of conferences and seminars. Those events are meant to complement, at regional level, the worldwide conferences
“Nuclear Inter Jura”, which are held by the international AIDN/INLA.

Chairman of the German Branch of AIDN/INLA from its foundation in 1984 was Dr. Norbert Pelzer. Upon his resignation in 2010,
he was elected Honorary President. He was succeeded by Dr. Horst Schneider (2010-2012) and Dr. Christian Raetzke (since 2012).
The 15th Conference of the German Branch of INLA took place on 28 and 29 September 2017 in Bonn, Germany.



  Second Announcement and Programme (DE/EN) UPDATE 17.09.

The following presentations (password protected) can be downloaded:

First session: Nuclear Waste Management - Responsibility and Liability

  Prof. Markus Ludwigs

  Dr. Christian Müller-Dehn

  Dr. Anton Burger and Jostein Kristensen

Second session: Nuclear Third Party Liability, with a focus on transport

  Kaan Kuzeyli

  Achim Jansen-Tersteegen

  Mehboop Vadiya

  Ximena Vasquez-Maignan

Third session: Legal issues in radiation protection

  Dr. Goli-Schabnam Akbarian

  Brigitte Röller

  Mark Callis Sanders

Fourth session: Current tendencies in international nuclear law

  Jay R. Kraemer

  Ian Salter

of the German Branch of AIDN / INLA
  14th Regional Conference in Nuremberg
    28 and 29 September 2015
    „News From the Front Lines of Nuclear Law“
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 2016, 422 pp., ISBN 978-3-8487-3749-9)
    Order form: PDF

  13th Regional Conference in Leipzig
    6 June and 7 June 2013
    „Nuclear Law in the EU and Beyond - Nuclear Safety, New Build and Phase-Out“
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 2014, 473 pp., ISBN 978-3-8487-1151-2)
    Order form: PDF

  12th Regional Conference in Berlin
    30 June and 1 July 2009
    “European Nuclear Liability Law in a Process of Change”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 2010, 288 pp., ISBN 978-3-8329-5281-5)
    Order form: PDF

  11th Regional Conference in Goslar
    9 and 10 November 2006
    “Elements of a Global Nuclear Law Regime”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 2007, 318 pp., ISBN 978-3-8329-2872-8)

  10th Regional Conference in Celle
    02 and 03 September 2004
    “Internationalizing Atomic Energy Law”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 2005, 325 pp., ISBN 3-8329-1406-4)

  9th Regional Conference in Wiesbaden
    26 and 27 September 2002
    “Nuclear Law Problems in Focus”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 2003, 282 pp., ISBN- 3-8329-0178-7)

  8th Regional Conference in Potsdam
    07 and 08 December 2000
    “Legal Implications of the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 2002, 352 pp., ISBN 3-7890-7681-3)

  7th Regional Conference in Baden-Baden
    24 and 25 September 1998
    “The Objectives of Atomic Energy Law”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 1999, 326 pp., ISBN 3-7890-5777-0)

  6th Regional Conference in Meißen
    05 and 06 September 1996
    “Intersections of National and International Nuclear Law”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 1997, 324 pp., ISBN 3-7890-4958-1)

  5th Regional Conference in Landshut
    08 and 09 September 1994
    “New Atomic Energy Law – International and National Developments”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 1995, 377 pp., ISBN 3-7890-3563-7)

  4th Regional Conference in Schwerin
    02 and 03 July 1992
    “Decommissioning and Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 1993, 326 pp., ISBN 3-7890-2718-9)

  3rd Regional Conference in Erfurt
    06 and 07 June 1991
    “German Atomic Energy Law in the International Context”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 1992, 293 pp., ISBN 3-7890-2404-X)

  2nd Regional Conference in Würzburg
    7 and 8 June 1990
    “Nuclear Energy Law between the Demand to Phase-out the Use of Nuclear Energy and the European Internal Market”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 1991, 301 pp., ISBN 3-7890-2130-X)

  1st Regional Conference in Regensburg
    22 and 23 September 1986
    “Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy and State Borders in Central Europe”
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 1987, 394 pp., ISBN 3-7890-1341-2)

  On behalf of the international AIDN/INLA: Nuclear Inter Jura’85 in Konstanz/Bodensee
    29 September – 2 October 1985
    ”Status, Prospects and Possibilities of International Harmonisation in the Field of Nuclear Law“
    (Proceedings Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden 1986, 645 pp., ISBN 3-7890-1176-2)


Deutsche Landesgruppe in der Association Internationale du Droit Nucléaire (AIDN) /
International Nuclear Law Association (INLA) zu Brüssel e. V.
The Board of Management of the German Branch consists of the following persons:

  Dr. Christian Raetzke, Leipzig, Chairman
  Dr. Marc Ruttloff, Berlin, Vice Chairman
  Achim Jansen, Köln, Treasurer
  Ulrike Feldmann, Königswinter, Board Member
  Dr. Norbert Pelzer, Göttingen, Honorary President
Address: INLA Deutsche Landesgruppe
c/o Dr. Christian Raetzke
Beethovenstr. 19
04107 Leipzig, Germany
Tel.: +49 341 9999 1444
E-Mail: christian.raetzke(at)

The German Branch is registered at the Amtsgericht (county court) Göttingen under no. 8 VR 1609.
Two each of the Board Members: Dr. Christian Raetzke, Dr. Marc Ruttloff and Achim Jansen have power of attorney
to represent the German Branch.

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